Why Bus Branding in Bangalore

BBMP has banned hoardings in Bangalore. So now, how businesses will advertise their business? The best option in this scenario is bus branding. Advertisement on buses is important for businesses since you can target particular demographics (such as bus routes which pass through colleges or schools).

Moreover, you can send your advertisement through specific locations where other forms of out of home advertising are not permitted. Another good thing about ads for Volvo bus branding and BMTC bus branding is that they are available in different sizes as well as in high impact formats so that you can reach the right audience.

Benefits of Bus Advertising in Bangalore

  1. People cannot turn it off like TV.
  2. Bus ads demand attention through their innovative and colorful designs.
  3. Bus branding provides exclusivity of space to your business.
  4. Deliver ads to reach large audience group.
  5. Get flexibility of selecting ad location and size.

Branding Options

Bmtc Non AC Bus Back Panel Branding

Receive excellent coverage for your ads using BMTC non-ac bus back panel branding. We design alluring as well as eye catching ads that are capable of communicating your intended message in a very effective manner to your targeted audience.
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BMTC Volvo Bus Interior Branding

BMTC Volvo bus interior branding includes advertisement on passenger seat back so that your ad is in front of your targeted customer all the time they are sitting inside the bus, till the time they reach their destination. Many times passengers get bored looking outside the windows all the time and feel interested in reading the advertisement present right in front of them.
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BMTC Volvo Bus Exterior Branding

Wrap the whole bus with your advertisement using exterior branding options we provide. Gain excellent visibility for your ads by putting your ads on the exterior of Volvo buses.
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Bmtc Volvo Bus Interior And Exterior Branding

Utilize transit advertisement that is cost effective,result oriented, offers geo-targeting, and excellent regional flexibility to help you create awareness for your products and services.
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Bus Advertisement - Your Moving Billboards

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